Design A Life You Love

Growing up my views about life and how to live it were mostly reflected in what my parents, friends, and peers taught. When I left the house and had a little more life experience under my belt some of these views shifted. But one thing remained: I did not want my life's views to shift very far from the mainstream views. I did not want the label of "different" or "weird".

But lately I started to realize that a large part of what we consider to be mainstream is determined by the media and advertisers. The people that are out to make an extra buck or two (or in some cases, much more) are the people that dictate and determine how we live. And the sad thing is, we let them.

I really started to notice this when I decided to start eating a plant-based diet. I was hesitant to start doing it because I knew people would think it was weird and I didn't want to be "that" person. However, the more I ate a plant-based diet the more I loved it. I felt better, I had more energy, and it really simplified my life. So I decided to keep going with it. And I started wondering what else I was missing out on by always following the popular or well known choice. At that point I decided I wanted to design a life I loved.  Not a life that reflected the popular belief- but a life that reflected my beliefs.

Designing a life that you love will take time. It will require you to take a step back from how you are currently living in order to reflect on how you want to live. Regularly taking sabbaticals from TV and social media are recommended. Set aside time each day/week/month to do this. It will likely be an ever-evolving endeavor. But one that will be worth it.

And while you are doing this, remember that your life can be different from the ones your neighbors or friends are designing. It is usually the "weird" people that challenge our current way of thinking and offer us a better way to live. Don't be afraid to be one of them.


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