Hi! I'm Hailey. I live on the east coast with my husband and baby girl. I was born and raised in Idaho, went to college in Utah, and now I am grateful to be a stay-at-home mom and blogger.

I originally started this blog to document my favorite plant-based and vegan recipes but after getting into minimalism I decided to blog about that too! I am passionate about learning, eating healthy, and living with less (hence the name of my blog). I have found that simplifying my life through how I eat and live has made me a much happier and carefree person. I now live more intentionally than ever before and I love it!

I love spending time with my family, being in nature, cooking, reading, and writing.

To find out how and why I started eating whole-foods-plant-based or vegan go here.

To find out why I started living with less go here.

To find out what minimalism is go here.

And to find out what I believe go here.

Thanks for visiting!

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