Learning to Live Simply via Minimalism

I recently watched a TED talk that changed my life.

In it Graham Hill outlines the benefits of owning less. I really enjoyed it and decided that if I were a single person living in a big city, I would want to live exactly how he does. Being a mom, I felt limited in my ability to live like that but it definitely struck a chord with me. Days or maybe weeks later I found myself overwhelmed with having to clean my house... again. I thought back to Graham's talk and decided to google "minimalism". I wasn't exactly sure where I'd heard the term (Graham does not mention it in his talk) but it sounded nice. It sounded simple.

I soon found myself engrossed in different minimalist blogs. I ate up everything they talked about and  couldn't wait to read more. Within days I began throwing things out. Although we live in a small two-bedroom apartment I soon had a room full of things to get rid of. I took a few trips to Goodwill, gave things away to friends, and sold bigger items on Craigslist. I literally couldn't wait to go through the next room or next closest.

While my house is still in the minimizing process, I can't believe how good it looks and feels! My house takes no time to clean, I am less stressed, and I have more time to spend with my family- doing the things I love!

The name of the TED talk says it all: Less Stuff= More Happiness.

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