Refusing to "Keep up with the Joneses"

We have all heard the saying "keeping up with the Joneses" and many of us have unknowingly participated in doing it. Social media has made it easy for us to tune into what the Joneses are doing and getting today and before long we have a pinterest full of products that will make our life better.
Or will they? 

Do we ever return home from the mall with new clothes and feel like we finally have it all?
Do we buy the perfect rug for our living room and finally feel content with our home decor?
Do we get that new make-up and finally feel beautiful?

If you are anything like me the answer to the above questions is no. So why do we subconsciously believe that buying the latest and greatest will bring us happiness and contentment? Are the Joneses happy and content? Well they certainly appear to be...but if that's the case why are they still out shopping? 

I recently came to the conclusion that I was no longer going to "keep up with the Joneses". I looked around my home and decided to be content with what's in it. And so far it has been one of the most liberating things I have ever done. 

Make up your mind today that you are done with the Joneses. Remove yourself from the rat-race because it is a self-defeating and pointless pursuit. It sounds simple because it is. Be content, be happy, and experience life instead of things. 

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