Desiring Less

I love this quote by G.K. Chesterton. Since embracing minimalism I have realized for the first time in my life that I have enough. I have everything I could need and more. Before I learned about minimalism I felt like I never had enough. It's interesting how quickly your perspective can change.

Because our perspective is largely based on what we experience a big reason why we never feel like we have "enough" is because we experience so many advertisements each day. We are constantly bombarded by ads and these ads help shape our thinking. They tell us what we are lacking in an effort to get to us to need and want more. 

Owning less never occurred to me because nobody was talking about it. The only people that ever told me that I didn't need something was my parents and I immediately thought it meant that they couldn't afford it. That only made me want it more. 

Today I still get my fair share of ads (we all do). However, I usually read at least one minimalist blog post a day to remind me that what I have is enough. Two of my favorite minimalist blogs are Becoming Minimalist and Zen Habits.  I also write this blog to keep myself accountable. 

Embracing minimalism has helped me in my quest to desire less. My perspective on enough has been changed. And for the first time there's nothing those advertisers can do about it!

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