Be Grateful

I stumbled upon this quote today:

Instantly I loved it as I have been seeking to be more content with my life. I decided to express gratitude for the simple things today.

I got down a bowl to put my pasta in and expressed gratitude to God that I had a sturdy bowl to eat out of. The pasta was good and I couldn't help but marvel at the wonder of having food readily available to me. 

I took a look around my apartment today. It's safe. It's clean. It's furnished. It provides protection for my family. So I expressed gratitude for it as well.

I tried to tidy up my house but my daughter insisted that I play with her instead. I slowed down. We played. We laughed. I was grateful that she helped me focus on what is really important.

This exercise continued throughout the day and I realized that it's the little things that are the big things. Do we have love in our life? Are our basic needs met? Then we have much to be grateful for.

Seek to be grateful today and then bask in contentment. It works.

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