Minimalism Defined

People often ask me what minimalism is and I usually stumble over my words and say something about how you live with less stuff to have time for experiences. Does that make sense to you? Probably not, because it doesn't make sense to me. Basically whenever people ask me about it I stumble over my words and clumsily try to explain myself in one or two sentences. However, if given time to explain I have no problem giving them (way) too many details about minimalism. I love minimalism. I just have a hard time simply defining it.

If you look up the definition of minimalism in the dictionary it will describe a type of music or art. That's not the kind of minimalism I'm talking about. The best definition I've found for minimalism is by Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist.

I love this definition. I recently pared down my possessions, my time on the internet, and my schedule. I now have more time for my relationships, my spirituality, and hobbies that I am passionate about. Life is better than ever. And that's what minimalism is all about!

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